Mimulus Mystic Mix

Mimulus Mystic Mix

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Scientific Name: Mimulus x hybridus

Common Name: Monkey Flower

Hardiness Degree: 34°F (1.1°C)

Blooming Season: Spring, Summer

Plant Habit: Mounded

Characteristics: Rabbit Resistant, Low Maintenance, Deer Resistant, Attracts Hummingbirds

Water: Heavy

Fertilize: Every two weeks

Height: 8" (20cm)

Width: 8" (20cm)

Exposure: Shade

General Information: The Mystic Mix includes clear and spotted colors, which is unusual since mimulus is usually spotted. Mystic is an extra-early, free flowering and compact, making it an ideal pack item but it looks best in hanging baskets.

Pot Size: Jumbo 6 pack