Hoya Carnosa 'Princess'

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Hoya Carnosa

Slower growing, vining, with long whimsical tendrils. Long waxy leaves makes this beauty a unique addition to your plant collection.

Hoyas are a beautiful genus of flowering vines native to Southeastern Asia and Australia. These beautiful tropicals are also known as Wax Plants, because of their thick waxy leaves. With the right care and attention, Hoyas are known for their stunning cylindrical blooms.

LIGHT: Medium to bright indirect and direct light is ideal. Not suitable for low light.

WATER: Let dry out completely between waterings. When Hoya need water, you will be able to pinch leaves together (they'll be soft and pliable.) Water once every 10-14 days. In most cases, Hoya's prefer to be bottom watered.

GOOD TO KNOW: It's very easy to overwater a Hoya, so when in doubt, don't water!

Hoyas are nontoxic to pets according the ASPCA